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PEP Talk Episode 19: All Things COVID

May 11th, 2020

AASA's advocacy team gets into the nitty gritty of the COVID pandemic, its impact on schools (As well as what to expect in terms of a fiscal downturn), and what the federal response to COVID will mean for your schools. 

PEP Talk 18: Why Rural Matters

January 2nd, 2020

Today's podcast features Alan Richard, board member and journalist of the Rural School and Community Trust. Richard talks about the Trust's 2018-2019 Why Rural Matters report which analyzes cthe contexts and conditions of rural education in each of the 50 states and calls attention to the need for policymakers to address rural education issues more effectively. AASA has been proud to partner with the Rural School and Community Trust since 2017 because they are the go-to resource on the latest research and trends in education students in rural districts. Alan joins Sasha Pudelski for a discussion of some of the key findings from their signature report. 


Pep Talk Episode 17: Supreme Court Voucher Case

November 15th, 2019

Our latest PEP Talk Podcast features Heather Weaver, Senior Staff Attorney at the ACLU, who will discus the major school voucher case that will be argued before the Supreme Court in January known as Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue. A ruling in favor of voucher proponents could dramatically change the school voucher landscape in states. 

PEP Talk Episode 16 Lead in Schools

November 1st, 2019

This Week's Episode of PEP Talk features John Rumpler, Clean Water Program Director at Environment America and AASA Policy Analyst Chris Rogers. In this episode, viewers will get a chance to hear our conversation about the newly announced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on the Lead and Copper Rule and its impact on school districts. Specifically, John and I delve into the prevalence of Lead in public school water systems, the difficulties of testing for leads, and steps LEAs can take to solve the problem.

PEP Talk Episode 15: Healthy Schools Campaign

October 10th, 2019

We're back with the latest episode of PEP Talk- AASA's policy podcast. This week's episode features a conversation between Alex Mays, Senior National Program Director Director for the Healthy Schools Campaign and AASA Advocacy Director Sasha Pudelski. Alex discusses the important work that the Healthy Schools Campaign is doing with district leaders as part of the Healthy Students Promising Future Learning Collaborative and in particular, what's happening in States that are pursuing opportunities to expand healthcare services for children. Check out our discussion to get the latest developments on what's happening at the federal and state level in terms of Medicaid as well as how the Healthy Schools Campaign is helping districts reduce chronic absenteeism. 


PEP Talk Episode 14 Crystal FitzSimons

October 8th, 2019

We're back with the latest episode of PEP Talk, AASA's policy podcast. This week's episode features a conversation between Crystal FitzSimons, Director of School and Out-of-School Time Programs at the Food Research and Action Committee (FRAC) and AASA Policy Analyst Chris Rogers. In her current role, Crystal directs FRAC's work on the child nutrition programs that serve school-age children; and is responsible for advocating for legislative and regulatory improvements to the federal child nutrition programs. Check out our discussion to get the latest developments on the Categorical Eligibility program and hear updates from the Hill on Child Nutrition Reauthorization.

PEP Talk Episode 13: Donors Choose

August 19th, 2019

AASA's Noelle Ellerson Ng talks with Katie Bisbee and Anna Edwards of Donors Choose, touching on crowd funding, what it means for schools, classrooms, and students, and ways our organizations are partnering to highlight the opportunities for using platforms like Donors Choose strategically within districts. 

PEP Talk Episode 12: Sunil Mansukhani & Philip Tegeler

July 30th, 2019

Getting a little wonkier, this episode of PEP Talk unpacks a seemingly arcane provision in federal policy that limits the ability of school districts to better address integration. AASA's Noelle Ellerson Ng talks with  Sunil Mansukhani & Philip Tegeler about this outdated anti-busing policy, a policy that exists today merely because it hadn’t been replaced. It's something we've been collaborating on for a few years, but something that also saw a resurgence after a related issue arose in recent presidential politics. 

PEP Talk Episode 11: Carl Davis

July 17th, 2019

Longtime AASA friend Carl Davis, Research Director at Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, talked with Noelle Ellerson Ng all about the updated regulations released by the IRS, related to the tuition tax credit loop hole. 

PEP Talk Episode 10: National Coalition for Public Education’s NCPE

July 2nd, 2019

When it comes to being the top coalition for protecting and prioritizing the importance of public education at the federal level, and advocating against privatization agendas, there is no better or more effective coalition than the National Coalition for Public Education (NCPE). In this episode, AASA's Sasha Pudelski (an NCPE Co-Chair) chats with her fellow co-chair, Maggie Garrett with Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. 

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